5683 2nd Avenue - Ferndale, WA 98248


Our goal is to help our clients find balance and healing through massage therapy. 


Balanced Living Massage and Wellness

started with a simple premise ~

To provide our community with an affordable health and wellness resource through Massage Therapy.   

I am excited to bring Massage  Therapy to Ferndale and its surrounding communities.  While I was born and raised in the Seattle area, I am relatively new to this beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest.  Having moved here in 2013 with my family, it did not take long before we knew that this was our new permanent home.  Part of what drew me to this area was the sense of family and community that prides itself on health, wellness, being active, sports, nature and local sustainability. 

As a Licensed Massage Practitioner, I earned an Associate of Science Degree in Massage Therapy at Whatcom Community College.  My goal is to bring a unique balance to massage therapy by utilizing the physical techniques needed for effective massage while maintaining and overall balance of body and mind.  My understanding of how massage plays a vital role in our healthcare routines allows me to work with clients to create an individualized plan for their specific needs. 

The foundation of my training and education is in Swedish Massage and Myofascial techniques.  Using these therapeutic techniques allows clients to step away from the demands and stress of their daily lives, giving their body and mind and opportunity to find balance and rejuvenation. 

My family is active in the local sports community. I have always had a special interest in Sports Massage and how it can benefit athletes.  I enjoys working with clients who are active in sports or other physical activities for maintenance and preventative massage, as well as for injuries or event recovery.

I am also trained in Orthopedic Massage, which is beneficial for those with chronic injuries or conditions. By assessing the client’s area of pain or restriction and translating how this may relate to the joint or muscles, I can work with the client on a treatment plan to help encourage range of motion and decrease chronic pain.  I have has specific interest in frozen shoulders, SI joint injuries, and conditions limiting range of motion and pain in the hips.

I look forward to meeting each of you.  It is my goal to as your Massage Practioner to help provide balance to your life by incorporating  Massage Therapy as part of your health and wellness routines.

LUAnn Strom, LMP

WA State License #MA60582690